Heptamyn Drops


Heptamyn Natural Liver Protectant

Heptamyn drops are a combination  of various herbs well known to ayurveda to correct liver dysfunctions.
It is safe for infants and children even after prolonged use.

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  1. Heptamyn drops restores all vital functions of the liver I.e.detoxification & metabolism.
  2. Increases appetite and promotes optimal weight gain.
  3. Indicated in sluggish and Enlarged Liver,Infective Jaundice,Habitual,Constipation,Flatulence,Cirrhosisof Liver,malignant nutrition, loss of appetite,gastritis,dyspepsia,hyperacidity and other Liver dysfunctions.
  4. It is completely safe and there are no side effects or toxic symptoms as compared with corticosteroidtherapy.
  5. The herbs used ensure greater synergistic therapeutic action by becoming a protective force against various complicating factors of liver dysfunctions.


  1. Infants-1ml-2 ml (5-10 drops)two times  a day.
  2. Children-10 to 20 drops two times a day.


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