My Diaba Care

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My diabetes care is an adjuvant therapy to control diabetes.It contains 28 herbs well known to ayurveda since ages.Main ingredients are garmar,bitter-melon,
sadabahar,mangrail,chirayata,jamin,dalchini,goloi garlic flakes, gorakh mundi etc

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  1.  Regulates the blood  glucose (sugar) level.
  2.  Helps to control cholesterol and weight gain due to diabetes.
  3. Relieves the burning feet syndrome.
  4.  Indicated in diabetic neuropathy & diabetic nephropathy.
  5.  Parents the decrease of sexual libido due to diabetes.
  6.  Shields internal organs against any damage due to diabetes.
  7.  Rejuvenates the call of islets of langerhans.
  8. Potentiate the B cell to produce more insuli.


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